For Students

Studying often involves a lot of continuous sitting. Standing up once in a while refreshes both body and mind.

You can add movement into your daily life in many different ways. Read the tips below and pick the ones that suit for you!

Take breaks while studying

  • Alter your working position. Maintain a good posture and alter your sitting position once in a while. Sit on a gym ball or use a standing desk. You can make a standing desk yourself by placing a chair on top of a table.
  • Take breaks from sitting and walk around regularly. Grab a cup of coffee, get some fresh air or empty the dishwasher while studying at home - whatever gets you moving.
  • Schedule your breaks. If you forget to take breaks from sitting, set a timer to remind you to stand up every 60 minutes. If you use Pomodoro technique for studying, get some movement during the breaks.
  • Do some break exercise. Come up with your own moves, watch YouTube videos or use break exercise apps.
  • Get moving while studying. When possible, listen to online lessons, recorded lessons, podcasts, or audio books while you're walking. Two birds at one stone!

Choose active commuting

  • Walk or ride a bike. Walking and cycling are great options for short distances. You can gain steps and kilometres effortlessly when you commute to school or go grocery shopping in active ways.
  • Stand in public transport. You can also reduce the amount of daily sitting even if you travel by bus, metro or tram, if you stand for a few stops.
  • Choose the stairs. Take the stairs instead of the elevator - even walking downstairs is beneficial.

Stay active in your free time too

  • Do something fun outside the couch. Watching the TV sure is relaxing, but it is good for you to get some movement during evenings and weekends too. Being active doesn't have to mean exercising. Instead, for example painting, photographing and cooking activate you more than just sitting on the couch. It might also be nice to catch up with friends while taking a walk or playing pool together.