For Teaching Staff

The teaching staff have their own role in enhancing the students’ physical activity in educational situations which traditionally include a lot of continuous sitting.

Why? Taking breaks from sitting improves the students’ alertness and concentration, which shows as better learning results and more interactive educational situations.

How? By small and effortless ways that don’t have to interrupt teaching:

  • Teacher-led break exercise (Tip: Insert EveryMoveCounts break exercise instructions between your teaching slides. Link at the bottom of this page)
  • Approbative and supportive attitude to standing during lessons
  • Small group discussions while standing or walking
  • Standing up when voting and speaking in class
  • Showing an example by standing yourself
  • Suggesting the students to get coffee, have fresh air or get moving in other ways during longer breaks or between lessons
  • The teacher doesn't hand out teaching materials, instead the students come and get them
  • When possible, choosing podcasts or audio books as teaching materials and suggesting the students to listen to them when walking

Taking breaks from sitting can be promoted during both contact teaching and distance learning. Download ready break exercise PowerPoint slides and other materials on