Campaign videos

On this page you can find the videos that are published as a part of the campaign. On the videos Janne, who avoids sweaty exercise, stays active by making small smart choices during his daily life.

Video 1

You don't have to deadlift 200 kg or exercise at your maximum heart rate to be active - smaller amounts of physical activity refresh your body and brain too. Watch on the video what kind of choices Janne makes during his day.

Video 2

Online classes one after another and tiredness in the air? Time can be put to good use by doing household chores while listening to online teaching - your body gets beneficial movement, your mind becomes refreshed, and your apartment stays clean without even noticing!

Video 3

Break exercise doesn’t have to mean broomstick exercising! Playing games gets your blood flowing, but above all, it’s tons of fun.

Video 4

A spark of being active can be found even if exercising isn’t your passion. Which sport could you get excited about?